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Moo-Tube YouTubes capture playful story interactions

between adults & children and free audio books.

There's something fun for everyone.

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Tales Fantastic

MarmooWorks stories send you on journeys 

whimsically adventurous, quiet & hilarious,

that tantalize the tongue for old & young.

(Mum's the word: they're educational, too.)

Sit-a-Bit & Make Animal Sounds

Animal sounds abound when this dad reads 

aloud When the Camel Sneezed to his son.

Read, Laugh, Have a Blast!

Words tongue-twisting and treacherous 

abound in the story A Hullabaloo 

of Hippos: A Lollapalooza of Language 

from A to Z. It's an alphabet journey 

or the clever and courageous.


Hullabaloo of Hippos: The Audio

Listen to Sam Moodey, illustrator & comedic
improv artist, read A Hullabaloo of Hippos:
A Lollapalooza of Language from A to Z
to the original music by Davy Strutevant.

The Great Ahh Choo!

When the Camel Sneezed with a great Ahh Choo

Zara's chair flew, flipping over a zoo fanfare. 

Take the hike of your life as Zara tries to reclaim 

her chair before the beasts can reach her seat.

Howl it Out!

When Caesar barks about books, 

canines listen. And so will you,

as Sheldon races against the clock

to win "Best Score for the Soar!" 

Stellar Ride

Imagine soaring through space

with Pegasus, climbing the Polar 

Ice Caps on Mars, and dueling 

with Orion and Perseus, before

the sun rises.


Christopher Counts The Constellations

Listen to the author read Christopher Counts 

The Constellations to a gentle, lullaby-like

synthetic soundscape & you'll be surrounded

by the magnificence of the night sky.

Reading Aloud with Grandpa

Watch the interaction between a granddaughter 

& grandpa when they talk about Sam Moodey's 

illustrations in Sheldon and the Hot-Nosed Husky.

A Hero at Three

A Hero at Three: The Audio

The author reads A Hero at Three to the soundscape provided by Cellissimo,

a young person's cello orchestra from the Western Springs School of Talent Education.

Reading through the Arts

Through movement, mural making, and puppetry, children embrace reading and become more engaged learners.