Marmoo Who?


When I was young -- really young -- I wanted to be a chipmunk. 

At least, that's what I said any time  a grown-up asked, "What do 

you want to be when you grow up?" 

Sometimes, I imagined being a gull riding the waves or 

Amelia Earhart flying around the world. I dreamed of 

becoming a ballerina. If I couldn’t fly, I thought, I'd leap

After reading National Velvet, I wanted to be a jockey, 

even though I’d never ridden a horse. 

The day I was assigned an essay to write about Career Goals

I stared at the blank paper, the clock, then at the paper. 

My mother, who was a very wise woman, must have heard me 

moaning. She walked into my room and listened to me rattle 

off a litany of possibilities. "Why not become a writer? 

If they can't doing something, they pretend they can." 

 She kissed my forehead and left the room.

Eventually, that is what I chose to do. However, I didn't start 

writing children's stories until after I had received my M.F.A. 

in Creative Writing, a Masters in Education, and taught for 

twenty-five years. Teaching didn't keep me from writing short 

stories and poetry; in fact, it prompted me to write more. 

How could I expect others to write, if I didn't practice the art 

myself? Then, something incredible happened: my students 

and I collaborated on the Hap and Chauncey Series, stories 

about two zany dogs who leaped parts of speech in a single 

bound, diagrammed sentences faster than a speeding greyhound, 

and recited Shakespeare's sonnets more powerfully than Kenneth 

Brannaugh, They barked in figurative language, chased squirrels, 

and howled at the moon -- all at the same time.

Then, another incredible thing happened: I left teaching, 

despite my love for my students and the subjects I taught. 

You need to devote more time on your own writing, a voice 

nagged inside me. As it grew louder, a friend said, "Mary, 

why don't you turn your art form into a business?" 

Thus began the most unexpected journey I could ever imagine: 

the founding of MarmooWorks: a company featuring original, 

whimsically rich children's books that promote literacy and a love

for learning & language at an early age; a company that engages 

readers of all ages; a company that produces the element of 

surprise -- creating companion pieces where books fly off 

the cover and land anywhere.

Movin' with the Works

A visual storytelling of Mary's founding 

MarmooWorks: its Trials & Triumphs