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Word of Mouth

Listen to what parents, educators, & artists 

have to say about MarmooWorks books.

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Sheldon and the Hot-Nosed Husky

Cover design of Sheldon and the Hot-Nosed Husky

Dash alongside Sheldon as he bolts out of Puppy Play, sneaks into the Corndog Canine Competition, and joins Dogs of All Shapes and Sizes, eager to prove he can race with the best -- Harold the Hot-Nosed Husky and Canine Claws.

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When the Camel Sneezed

Cover design of Zara riding the Camel King

After the Camel sneezes a great 

Ahh Choo, Zara soars in the air, crosses 

a crevasse, and tries to reclaim her chair 

from a zoo fanfare. But, without wings

 or springs, how will she cross 

the Great Divide?  

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A Hullabaloo of Hippos: A Lollapalooza of Language

Cover design with dancing hippos

A Hullabaloo of Hippos: 

A Lollapalooza of Language 

from A to Z is a toe-tapping, finger-snapping alphabet adventure guranteed to tantalize the tongue for everyone.

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Goin' Explorin'

Cover design shows story setting

"I'm goin' explorin',"  Stephen Ryan shouts, bolts out the door, and, with his Papa, walks to the Hemlock forest. Moments before
heading home, SR spots a shadow slipping behind what everyone knows is a haunted house. 

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A Hero at Three

Cover design shows creatures the hero meets.

Two brothers, swept out to sea, 

are cast into a gloomy cave filled with "lions, sharks that bark, and eels all aglow," Gavin cleverly uses his charm, but is it enough to save his brother from the pirate bellowing, What ho?

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Christopher Counts The Constellations

Cover design shows Christopher & Pegasus leaping into space

A young boy discovers the mysteries 

of the night sky and the magic of his name 

by exploring the constellations, "every night 

before drifting off to sleep."

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A Hullabaloo of Hippos

Monkeys dancing on hippo

. . . A wonderfully whimsical book . . .

tickles the tongue with memorable language . ..

It is an alphabet book like no other!

-- Laurie Root, Director of the Dolly Parton 

Imagination Library at United Way, Erie, PA

A Hero at Three

Mary  enlivens language and captures
the essence of childhood adventure
Children will love the rhythm and tempo
of words and feel the story in their bones.

-- Dr. Dale Irving, Western Australia

Crossing Great Divides

Zara flies on an albatross

A great story about how to cross  

that "great divide, rather than making it wider.  

-- Joyce Miller, Ph.D Keystone Research Corporation

Goin' Explorin'

An excellent book! Readers will enjoy  

fun vocabulary words, and Stephen Ryan's 

songs. Wait until they find out out the origin 

of the book's title, Goin’ Explorin’: 

Fffffft, Fffffft, and Off They Go!

-- Nancy Anderson, Past President 

of Keystone State Reading Association

Goin' Explorin'

 ". . .a book for readers of any age. The author has the gift of opening readers’ eyes to endless possibilities." 

-- Dr. Rosemary Omniewski, Professor Emeritus

Edinboro University


Language for Little Ones

Mary meets a mother & infant after performing A Hero at Three

 A Hero at Three sings in the ears. 

Books like this, when read again and again 

by parent & child, guarentees

 the child will grow into a 

lover of language and reading. 

— John Taylor Waldorf teacher, Western Australia

Expect the Unexpected

A hippo & other animals in story

. . . syncopation for the imagination. 

Expect the unexpected in a most delightful way. 

Surprising ear-candy on every page! 

-- Roberta Barilla, Assistant Professor of Education, Gannon University

Through the Eyes

Mary sits with two children, excited about their new book.

A delightful introduction to the constellations

as seen through the eyes of a young child 

filled with wonderment and imagination. 

-- Beth Eubank, Harding Elementary School, Erie, PA

Beyond the Binding

Readable Wear

Telescope T

Front side of Telescope T-shirt: text from Christopher Counts The Constelllations

Graphically screened story 

text & imagery from 

Christopher Counts 

The Constellations 

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The Back

The back side of the Telescope T-shirt continues the text screened on the front.

The story text pictured on the front 

continues on the back. Christopher's telescope runs along the left sleeve.

Heroic Hoodie

The book title and sea creature decorate the front side of the hoodie; story text on back.

Heros set the trend

wearing this hoodie!

Sea creature on front;

story text on back.

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Super Hippo T

Donned in a caped, the dancing hippo transforms himself in Super Hippo.

Don this Super Hippo T-shirt and become a Reading Hero, saving the world word-by-word.

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Stay Warm in Space

Christopher Counts 

The Constellations 

story text and imagery is screened on the scarf and ski band.

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Sheldon's Dream

Sheldon's Dream: 11"x14", high-quality print

After Mrs. Snoebear tucks her pups

in bed, Sheldon dreams of sledding

 with Harold the Hot-Nosed Husky

and Canine Claws. 

Books On a Wall -- WOW!

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Help Set Me Free!

Scene from A Hero at Three: 11"x14" high-quality print

An 11"x14" high-quality print

depicting a scene from 

A Hero at Three: There were sharks

that barked and lions who swam . . .

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Sheldon's Christmas

Sheldon zooms in with Holiday Laughs for the 2018 Season. Sam's new illustration comes free with every Sheldon and the Hot-Nosed Husky purchase.

Free with Sheldon book purchase.