Read it. Wear it. Frame it.

People Using Products

Smiling Eyes

A young girl shows off her constellations scarf/ski band set.

A young girl glows in the snow, wearing 

her Christopher Counts The Constellations 

scarf & ski band set.

Heroes for a Lifetime

Father and daughter dressed in Heroic Hoodies.

A father and his daughter smile as they

proudly pose in their Heroic Hoodies. 

Heroes wear what they read!

A Herd of Hippos?


After opening their presents, hobnobbing 

hippos prepare for a Super Hippo 

Holiday Habitat clean-up.

Gazing at Stars

Mary stands between two students filled with stars.

After their Space Unit, two friends sport 

their T stands for Telescope t-shirts.

Reading Aloud

A young boy reads When the Camel Sneezed to classmates.

A third grader reads 

When the Camel Sneezed 

to his classmates.

The Eyes Have It!

Three children show off their new E stands for Eyes Tishirts.

A group of friends, like a constellation,

cluster together for -- not quite a light year.

Great Fun

Meet the Snoebears

Tim & Megan Terrella, owners of Snoebear Siberian Kennels

Imagine loving to read books aloud to children and discovering how stories "fly off the cover" and land in unusual places. Companion pieces, designed by the writer, for the different stories to promote literacy by transforming reading into play.

Family Fun

Camel coloring book with origami fox

A coloring book filled with story illustrations, ranging 

from broad strokes to fine lines, accompanies the purchase of a hard copy edition of When the Camel Sneezed, one of six MarmooWorks books by the writer, Mary Arete Moodey.

Pop & Tot

A father & son smile when it comes to hippos & teddy bears.

Super Hippos come in all sizes.

Sneaking Off

A boy and his book

After taking off his cape, the young Super Hero Hippo sneaks off with A Hullabaloo of Hippos.

Mug Shot

Sheldon mug

Canines & Caffeine mugs: at MarmooWorks, 

we're designing Pup Cups. Tell us what you think.

Books & Art: That's Smart!

A dad hold his boy; the boy holds the print.

Dream big just like Sheldon!