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Smiling Eyes

A young girl shows off her constellations scarf/ski band set.

A young girl glows in the snow, wearing 

her Christopher Counts The Constellations 

scarf & ski band set.

Heroes for a Lifetime

Father and daughter dressed in Heroic Hoodies.

A father and his daughter smile as they

proudly pose in their Heroic Hoodies. 

Heroes wear what they read!

A Herd of Hippos?

After opening their presents, hobnobbing 

hippos prepare for a Super Hippo 

Holiday Habitat clean-up.

Gazing at Stars

Mary stands between two students filled with stars.

After their Space Unit, two friends sport 

their T stands for Telescope t-shirts.

Reading Aloud

A young boy reads When the Camel Sneezed to classmates.

A third grader reads 

When the Camel Sneezed 

to his classmates.

The Eyes Have It!

Three children show off their new E stands for Eyes Tishirts.

A group of friends, like a constellation,

cluster together for -- not quite a light year.

Great Fun

Meet the Snoebears

Tim & Megan Terrella, owners of Snoebear Siberian Kennels

Great breeders inspire great stories. 

Discover who brought us Sheldon

and other Supreme Siberians.

Family Fun

Camel coloring book with origami fox

A coloring book filled with story illustrations, ranging 

from broad strokes to fine lines, accompanies the purchase of a hard copy edition of When the Camel Sneezed, one of six MarmooWorks books by the writer, Mary Arete Moodey.

Pop & Tot

A father & son smile when it comes to hippos & teddy bears.

Super Hippos come in all sizes.

Sneaking Off

A boy and his book

After taking off his cape, the young Super Hero Hippo sneaks off with A Hullabaloo of Hippos.

Mug Shot

Sheldon mug

Canines & Caffeine mugs: at MarmooWorks, 

we're designing Pup Cups. Tell us what you think.

Books & Art: That's Smart!

A dad hold his boy; the boy holds the print.

Dream big just like Sheldon!