Word of Mouth

                                       What do parents, children, and think? Watch & Read.

Canine Convention

Pup Literacy

At the www.eriekennelclub.com Annual Dog Show, Sheldon's cousin compares his harness to Harold's in Sheldon and the Hot-Nosed Husky, during a Show Time Ring break.

Listen to the Rhythm

Sheldon's cousin, a www.snoebearssiberian.com husky,

sniffs a treat in Mary's hand, while

she reads, "A tail swept left. Shh shh shh

A tail swept right. Shh shh shh."

Husky Tells a Tale.

Sheldon's cousin tells Mary he can race

as fast as Sheldon and Harold Hot-Nose

and Canine Claws.

Muses on the Move

As Strong as an Albatross

While reading When the Camel Sneezed the MLK students learned 

how figurative language creates rhythm and sensory imagery that makes stories and poems come alive. As Strong as an Albatross is a book of their original writing and art.

Fourth Grade Figuratives

Participatory Learning

Working alongside their teacher,

fourth graders create original 

Figures of Speech, after hearing

Mary read When the Camel Sneezed.


Fourth graders studied alliteration 

by reading A Hullabaloo of Hippos:

A Lollapalooza of Language from A to Z


Students share their simile with their classmates.

"My roof is as steep as a cliff."

An original simile written by

Harding School Fourth Graders


Students laugh while creating crazy comparisons.

 "Our teacher is a cat, stalking 

us on the playground."


Illustration by Sam Moodey, from When the Camel Sneezed

"I mean what I sound; I sound what I mean. Crash! Boom! Bang! and Clang-a-lang!

Example from When the Camel Sneezed


When the Camel Sneezed

Zara shares her chair with all the beasts-final spread

A great story about how to cross that "great divide, rather than making it wider.

-- Joyce Miller, Ph.D

 Keystone Research Corporation

A Hullabaloo of Hippos: A Lollapalooza of Language from A to Z

Expect the unexpected in a most delightful way in A Hullabaloo of Hippos: A Lollapalooza of Language from A to Z.  Surprising ear-candy on every page! 

-- Roberta Barilla, Education Professor Emeritus, Gannon University

Goin' Explorin'

After hearing the story, a 1st grader drew a picture and sent it to the author.

A story filled with excitement and wonder. Funny, yet heartwarming and thought-provoking, promoting a love of nature, close family relationships,

-- Rosemary Omniewski, Ph.D, Early Childhood Education & Children’s Literature, Edinboro University

A Hero at Three

A Hero at Three sings in the ears. Books like this, read again and again by parent and child, guarantee the child will grow into a lover of language and reading.

-- John Taylor, Waldorf Teacher, Western Australia

Christopher Counts The Constellations

From reading to drawing: students transform a parking lot into the night sky, unsing sidewalk chalk.

A huge hit with my two boys! Well written, entertaining, and educational. We need more books like this as teaching tools 

for our young ones. 

-- Chris Bates, Father, Occupational Therapist, Florida