Muse & Events

Canine Convention

Pup Literacy

At the Annual Dog Show, Sheldon's cousin compares his harness to Harold's in Sheldon and the Hot-Nosed Husky, during a Show Time Ring break.

Listen to the Rhythm

Sheldon's cousin, a husky,

sniffs a treat in Mary's hand, while

she reads, "A tail swept left. 

Shh shh shh. A tail swept right. 

Shh shh shh."

Readings & Residencies

Engaging the Children

Pick a Page

A boy at the November Pet Supplies Plus Reading

At Pet Supplies Plus, a budding artist

engages Mary in a conversation 

about his favorite illustration

in Sheldon and the Hot-Nosed Husky.


While listening to Mary read 

Sheldon and the Hot-Nosed Husky,

a young girl, who loves cats,

decides dogs aren't so bad, afterall.

Give Them Space

Kindergartners dance like sea monsters from A Hero at Three.

During a reading at an elementary school,

Mary invites the children to move to the rhythm 

of the words. Actively involving students 

in the story transforms reading into play.

Spreading the Word

A 1st grader reads aloud to his class.

Make reading contagious by giving 

children opportunities to share their favorite 

stories with classmates.

Reading & Responding

A 3rd graders uses a sketchbook for a journal.

Give students sketchbooks for journals. 

This provides them with a canvas

for responding to stories & developing

their ideas.

Language Alive!

Into the Woods

Students explore forest,

field, and water habitats

while Goin' Explorin' 

at the Hiram College Field Station.

Become What You Write

Students in the Reading through Movement

program chose their favorite animal in When the Camel Sneezed and wrote from its perrspective.

Embrace Curiosity

Grade schoolers ask Mary about writing stories

News from Oregon: after watching

Mary perform When the Camel Sneezed 

Tigard Elementary kindergartners ask,

"Have you ever ridden a camel?"

Reading & Gesture

By using gesture while performing

a story, Mary helps children see the story

with their bodies as well as their eyes.

"I stands for the ice caps

chilling the rider sitting atop . . ."

Before Words

Preschoolers exhibit their animal body puppets at the Erie Zoo.

Mary introduced Early Connection preschoolers 

through the arts. At the end of the residency,

the children presented their animal body

puppets at the Erie Zoo.

Dwelling within the Story

Children enter into a story by experiencing

the art of becoming -- becoming the character

and dwelling in his or her world.