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Wagging Tales

Wagging Tales -- a Canine Spree 

with Sheldon the Siberian & Other 

Breeds racing to meet Harold the 

Hot-Nosed Husky.

A Kinesthetic Camel

When children discover the rhythm of language, they improve their comprehension and recitation skills. Watch how students transform reading into dance, using When the Camel Sneezed

Marmoo Six & More

Zip clips from the Marmoo Six:

Children's books adults love

Hippos at Bedtime

Interactive Reading at its Best!

A pop and tot share A Hullabaloo of Hippos: 

A Lollapalooza of Language from A to Z

Twist your tongue with this tantalizing tale 

for old and young.

When the Camel Sneezed

                         Preschoolers express their understanding When the Camel Sneezed 

                                      through movement, puppetry, and the visual arts.

A Hullabaloo of Hippos

Set to original music composed by Davy Sturtevant, illustrator and comedic improv artist, Sam Moodey 

reads A Hullabaloo of Hippos: A Lollapalooza of Language from A to Z.

A Hero at Three_Audio Book

Set to the music of Bach, Fauré, Haydn, and Saint-Saëns, Mary Arete Moodey reads A Hero at Three, an adventure of two young brothers cast into a stormy sea. Cellissimo, a cello orchestra from the Western Springs School of Talent Education provides the sound score.