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Sheldon and the Hot-Nosed Husky


Dash alongside Sheldon as he bolts out of Puppy Play, sneaks into the Corndog . . .

When the Camel Sneezed

When the Camel Sneezed-book cover

After the camel sneezes a great ahh choo,  blowing everything everywhere, join Zara as she sets off to . . .

A Hullabaloo of Hippos: A Lollapalooza of Language from A to Z

A Hullabaloo of Hippos-book cover

Tantalize your tongue with this toe-tapping adventure through the alphabet.

Goin' Explorin'

Goin' Explorin'-book cover-depiction of setting

"I'm goin' explorin'," Stephen Ryan shouts,  bolts out the door, and heads for the forest where . . .

A Hero at Three

A Hero at Three

Blocked a puffer, Riley shouts to his brother, "Help set me free from these monsters I see!"

Christopher Counts The Constellations

Christopher Counts The Constellations

A young boy discovers the mysteries of the night sky as he explores the constellations found in his name.

Readable Wear

Telescope T-shirt

Telescope-T-shirt: story text & imagery on front and back of long-sleeved t-shirt

story text and imagery 

from Christopher Counts The Constellations 

Scarf & Ski Band Set

soft scarf & ski band set with text from Christopher Counts The Constellations

Stay warm with constellations & polar ice caps 

wrapped around your head and neck.

Heroic Hoodies

Heroic Hoodie

Soft & cozy hoodie for any Hero

Super Hippo

Super Hippo T-shirt

Save the Day with Words on their Way 

with Super Hippo!


Help Set Me Free!

Heroic Frame-able Print

High quality print with imagery and text 

from A Hero at Three. 

Dream Big

Sheldon's Dream from Sheldon and the Hot-Nosed Husky

High quality print capturing a husky's dream to race 

with the best --Hot-Nosed Husky & Canine's Claws'