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Sheldon and the Hot-Nosed Husky


Dash alongside Sheldon as he bolts out of Puppy Play, sneaks into the Corndog Canine Competition, and joins Dogs of All Shapes and Sizes, eager to prove he can race with the best -- Harold the Hot-Nosed Husky and Canine Claws.

When the Camel Sneezed

When the Camel Sneezed-book cover

After a camel's great Ahh Choo, Zara flies through the air and crosses a crevasse to reclaim her chair from a zoo fanfare. By putting aside her fears, the little girl discovers how making one friend can flourish into a community where everyone has a seat.

A Hullabaloo of Hippos: A Lollapalooza of Language from A to Z

A Hullabaloo of Hippos-book cover

a foot-tapping, finger-snapping dance through the alphabet where whimsical words from ambling armadillos to zinging zapataedos tantalize the tongue.

Goin' Explorin'

"I'm goin' explorin'," Stephen Ryan shouts, bolts out the door, and, with his Papa, walks to the Hemlock forest. Just before heading home, SR spots a shadow slipping behind what everyone knows is a haunted house. 

Readers ready for chapter books will enjoy the adventures, characters,Stephen Ryan's original songs, fun vocabulary, and the origin of the book's title, Goin’ Explorin’: Fffffft, Fffffft, and Off They Go!

A Hero at Three

A Hero at Three

Two brothers are swept into a stormy

sea and cast into a gloomy cave

where there are "sharks that bark, 

eels all aglow and pirates bellowing, 

What ho!" Using cleverness and charm, 

Gavin calms the beasts and saves

his brother, who learns what it takes

to be a hero.

Christopher Counts The Constellations

Christopher Counts The Constellations

"Every night before drifting off 

to sleep," a young boy explores 

the night sky and discovers the constellations found in his name.

Readable Wear

Telescope T-shirt

Telescope-T-shirt: story text & imagery on front and back of long-sleeved t-shirt

story text and imagery 

from Christopher Counts The Constellations 

Scarf & Ski Band Set

soft scarf & ski band set with text from Christopher Counts The Constellations

Stay warm with constellations & polar ice caps 

wrapped around your head and neck.

Heroic Hoodies

Heroic Hoodie

Soft & cozy hoodie for any Hero

Super Hippo

Super Hippo T-shirt

Save the Day with Words on their Way 

with Super Hippo!


Help Set Me Free!

Heroic Frame-able Print

High quality print with imagery and text 

from A Hero at Three. 

Dream Big

Sheldon's Dream from Sheldon and the Hot-Nosed Husky

High quality print capturing a husky's dream to race 

with the best --Hot-Nosed Husky & Canine's Claws'